GitHub Actions #1

In this walkthrough, we will do Azure CLI Login using GitHub Actions

  • Create AD App
    • Login to Azure subscription. Create a service principal with a secret.
    • Copy the json output of the command for creating the secret
az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "githubActions" --role contributor --scopes /subscriptions/<subscripionId>/resourceGroups/<rgName> --sdk-auth
AD App
  • Create GitHub Secret
    • Login to GitHub, and browse to the setting for your repo.
    • Go to Secrets, click New repository secret
    • Create secret name AZURE_CREDENTIALS
    • Paste the value you copied when creating AD App
Add Secrets
  • Create Workflow
    • Browse to Actions.
    • You can select sample workflow templates or click on “set up a workflow yourself”
Workflow template
  • Copy the code to the workflow
# This is a basic workflow to help you get started with Actions

on: [push]

name: AzureDemo


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: azure/login@v1
        creds: ${{ secrets.AZURE_CREDENTIALS }}
    - run: |
        az account show
  • Commit the change to repo
  • Go to Actions
  • Click on the running job to see the status/output