Terraform Associate Journey

I recently concluded my Terraform Beginner journey and completed my Terraform Associate certificate. So thought to highlight what worked for me to help the broader community.

This certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations/ IT/development who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.

I think it is good to have prior experience but since this is a multiple-choice exam you can also play around in a demo environment and prepare for the exam. But please remember it consists of practical questions, not only theoretical MCQs.

My Prior Experience:

I was not new to the IaC world, and I have been working on the ARM templates for a few years now. But I was new to Terraform, so I wanted to do my preparation with a structured learning course. The other reason I chose the below learning as was based on AWS, so it was a good opportunity to do hands-on with another cloud provider. 

My Prep Material:


  • Go through the exam objectives and make sure you have covered everything, and understand the commands and functions mentioned
  • Basic terminal skills
  • Go through these questions when you are ready for the exam
  • Few tricky questions, so reading carefully would help
  • Around ~57 questions in 1 hour, so be mindful of your time

What could have gone better:

  • More reading around the different Terraform Cloud and Enterprise capabilities
  • Providers versions constraints/ dynamic clocks

The last time I checked you get only 1 attempt at the exam (of course you can repay and take another attempt), so I would suggest preparing before you are taking the exam. But do schedule so that you are on the track of your preparation. Best of luck.