CKAD Journey #Part 3

I recently concluded my Kubernetes Beginner journey and completed my CKAD certificate. So thought to highlight what worked for me.



  • This video was the inspiration to start learning
  • Followed this to kick start
  • Dockers Beginners and Kubernetes Beginners course by Mumshad
  • VI Editor shortcut tutorials on YouTube

T-10 to T-5 Weeks

  • Dockers Beginners course by Mumshad
  • Kubernetes Beginners course by Mumshad
  • edx course on Linux. Only initial section to familiarize basics of Linux
  • A lot of hands-on, thanks to Katacoda

T-5 to T-0 Weeks

  • Familiarize yourself with Kubernetes documentation
  • Practice Tasks in K8s documentation as per CKAD Curriculum
  • Below VIM config to easily navigate through VI editor worked for me

vim ~/.vimrc
set nu
set expandtab
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2

source <(kubectl completion bash)
echo “source <(kubectl completion bash)” >> ~/.bashrc

alias k=kubectl
complete -F __start_kubectl k
alias kgp=’k get po’
alias kaf=’k apply -f’

  • Practice this multiple times to gain the confidence to crack the exam
  • Some notes from CKAD handbook
    • At the start of each question, you’ll be provided with the command to ensure you are on the correct cluster
      Set configuration context: $ kubectl config use-context k8s
    • Nodes comprising each cluster can be reached via ssh , using a command such as the following:
      $ ssh k8s-node-0
    • Ctrl+C & and Ctrl+V are not supported in your exam terminal.
      To copy and paste text, please use;
      6.1. For Linux: select text for copy and middle button for paste (or both left and right
      simultaneously if you have no middle button).
      6.2. For Mac: ⌘+C to copy and ⌘+V to paste.
      6.3. For Windows: Ctrl+Insert to copy and Shift+Insert to paste.
      6.4. In addition, you might find it helpful to use the Notepad (see top menu under ‘Exam
      Controls’) to manipulate text before pasting to the command line.


This sums it all, hope this benefits you. Best of luck for your exam.