CKAD Journey #Part 2

In the initial phase, I was not very confident, Can I do this? Picking up OSS for the first time. But then I came across this docker course by Mumshad. This challenged my doubt and boosted me to pursue my journey forward.

Between T-10 to T-5 weeks, I started from ground zero, picked up Docker for beginners course. But when I started doing hands-on, I realized that I need some basic understanding of the Linux system. Hit another OSS blocker. I tried Youtube to ramp myself on Linux, but then was getting diverted a lot. So enrolled in the edx course for Linux. To be honest I just cherry-picked a few chapters to get some basics and couldn’t complete the course.

I spent initial 3 weeks on getting Linux basics right, going through Docker course and hands-on with docker.

The last couple of weeks I spent going through the Kubernetes for Beginners course and doing plenty of hands-on with docker and Kubectl.